• 17.10 DAY 1: (PAST). 16:00-20:00. 
  • A four-hour workshop featuring an introduction and ice breaker with Black Almanac, as well as two guest lectures with food historian Rachel Laudan examining “food guilt” and geographer Nikos Katsikis on mapping “operational landscapes.”
  • 18.10 FIELDTRIP. 16:00-20:00.
    In this walk with José Luis Casadevante and Nerea Morán we will go through the past (vestiges, memory...), the present (spaces in dispute) and the future (initiatives that point towards alternative food systems) of the invisible relationships between city and food in the city of Madrid. We will explore how food has conditioned the shape of cities, organizing spaces and the functioning of urban dynamics, the nomenclature of public space and even the way they are inhabited.
  • 19.10 DAY 2: (PRESENT). 16:00-20:00. 
    A second four-hour workshop with a second introduction by Black Almanac, a discussion with nonfood founders Sean Raspet (a chemist and artist) and Lucy Chinen (a food writer and historian). After a break we will sample prototypes prepared by astrophysicist and head chef Susanne Tobler and computer scientist Remo Gisi.
  • 21.10 DAY 3: (FUTURE). 16:00-21:00.
    This final workshop will explore future food systems – with a talk by engineer Juan García Martínez on industrial food production and response to catastrophic events. This workshop will introduce the history of factory-kitchens and allow time for contributions from attendees.
    + Dinner with Fondo Supper Club.

Reference Material No: 2022.10.962C
Object: One-Week Program
Location: 40.9430°N, 3.8029°E
Properties: 8 Days, 7 Discussions, 2 Dinners, 1 Field Trip, 1 Focus Group