03 Survey of Current Infrastructure

Fecon “Bull Hog” Mulching Tractor. A key instrument in land clearing, a “mulcher” or “masticator” is used to cut, grind and clear any kind of vegetation.

Ted Captive Bolt Stunner. Animals ranging from sheep and pigs to horses are “stunned” before slaughter using penetrating, non-penetrating and free bolt guns. Penetrating bolts are uncommon due to disease risks as brain parts enter the bloodstream.

Refrigerated Truck Isuzu. Freezing and refrigeration lies at the core of current production and preparation methods, and is the most energy intensive element of handling, processing, and transportation.

Micro Food Plots Cultipacker. A segmented, ridged roller designed to smooth the topsoil layer into a flat seedbed by breaking down clods, removing air pockets and pressing down stones.

Cargo Ship. Almost 60 percent of food is shipping by sea with road in second place on 30 percent and rail on 9 percent.

John Deere Agricultural Machinery: Combine Harvester. Named for the combination of reaping, threshing, and winnowing in one mechanical operation. No single tool has been more crucial advancing the scale and speed of grain agriculture.

Center Pivot Irrigation System. Electric motor-powered irrigation sprinklers pivot and spin on a 360 degree axis as an efficient means to grow crops. Often referred to as crop circles, they produce a circular anomalousness visible from space.

John Deere Sprayer. Ranging in size from portable guns to boom-mounted tractors and drones, sprayers are the means by which herbicides, pesticides, and fertilizers are applied to agricultural crops.

Air Tractor AT-602. Cloud seeding is a process of weather modification which involves dispersing silver iodide, potassium iodide or solid carbon dioxide onto clouds to serve as condensation or ice nuclei and increase levels of precipitation. In January 2020, cloud seeding in the UAE led to flooding.

Helios gene gun.  This device is able to transform almost any type of cell by firing particles of a heavy metal coated with a gene of interest.